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Warum Lego benutzen nicht zwangsläufig Spielen bedeutet. RETHINK Innovation wurden als die Experten in der Schweiz von der Neue Zürcher Zeitung zu Lego Serious Play befragt.
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Last week I was able to hold two super exciting workshops with the board of directors of an international industrial group on the topic "Start with why" by Simon Sinek. Together we worked on the "Why", the purpose of the organization. I was impressed by the passion and the skilful contribution with which the challenging and important question of the innermost purpose of the organization was tackled and condensed. Great results, which now form the basis for working on the question of how and what. I can recommend this framework. “Any person or organisation can explain what they do; some can explain how they are different or better; but very few can clearly articulate why. Why is not about money or profit – those are results. Why is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us.” Simon Sinek

For more information on the golden circle I can recommend Simon Sineks Video

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