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We accompany, empower and shape innovation. In a meaningful, structured and creative way, we design user-centered products and services, the effective strategy for them as well as the future-oriented organizational structures. Our methodological expertise accelerates your pace, structures your thought processes and action sequences, and thus unleashes the creativity of your team. Always with an eye on clear results and effective implementation. Our goal is to empower organizations to embrace change and continuously improve to stay ahead in a constantly evolving environment. With Rethink, you have a partner who will challenge you to think differently and succeed in new and innovative ways.


Welcome to


We are a group of experienced experts in the fields of innovation, organizational development, strategy and team development, which has grown around Lukas Stadelmann. Some of us have been working together on our projects for many years, and we are always putting together new teams depending on the task at hand. Why? Because we can deploy the right competencies at the right time for each challenge for our clients.

All people at Rethink have one thing in common: they can and want to make a difference. That's why we attach great importance to an open, positive attitude and sound methodological expertise. Human and professional are not opposites at Rethink, but are united in interesting, experienced personalities who are looking forward to working with you.

"Problems can never be solved by the same way of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein


We work with co-creative formats on the further development of companies and organizations. Depending on the strategic goals, we select the appropriate approach to achieve them quickly and efficiently. Our methodological expertise accelerates your pace, structures your thought processes and action sequences, and thus unleashes the creativity of your team. Always with an eye on clear results. Always together with the people in the organization. Together we make new things possible.

We empower​


& Innovation Design

Our intrapreneurship program fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in your organization by enabling employees to develop and implement new ideas and initiatives in a focused and effective way.

We accompany

Project & Team


With our many years of experience in innovation and our creative spirit, we support your team in larger innovation projects. We provide ideas and feedback, guide you through the innovation process in a structured way and support your team in the collaboration.

We develop

User-centered Products &


We develop customer-centric products and services as well as the appropriate business models and provide support throughout the implementation process.

We create

Impact Design

We support our clients in rethinking their complex challenges. In dialog or in workshops, we help them break out of rigid structures, see innovative perspectives and think in a completely new way. Fresh, cheeky and forward-looking, because together we make things happen.

We shape

Strategy & Purpose


Together with define the meaning and purpose of your organization and develop in a structured process future-oriented and effective strategies for concrete implementation.

Wir research

University Research &


At Rethink, we are committed to advancing science and research at various universities. We share our knowledge and experience as lecturers and support research projects with participatory methods to ensure a meaningful and impactful outcome.


The complex challenges of our time require an open mindset and new ways of working in order to remain relevant as an organization or company in the future. We see the inevitable changes caused by technological, ecological and social change as an opportunity to rethink a future worth living for everyone. We actively shape change and create a competitive advantage for our customers by living a creative culture and fostering inspiration and innovation through collaborative processes.

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The challenges of today are manifold. And the same is true for our projects and customers. We work across different industries and company sizes with people who want to discover new solutions. We do not see ourselves as consultants, but as partners, co-thinkers and sources of inspiration at eye level.

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Intrapreneurship Program

Stadt Zürich

Together with the Smart City Lab of the City of Zurich and Noema, we have been running the City of Zurich's Stadtbox intrapreneurship program since 2019. All employees of the city of Zurich can apply with innovative ideas. The most promising 15 teams can then participate in the program for 4 months and validate and further develop the ideas.


Interactive exibition

Reformierte Kirche

At the Stapferhaus in Lenzburg, we worked with director Barbara Weber to create an interactive exhibition on the future of the church to mark the 160th anniversary of the Concordat. At various interactive stations, we designed, for example, the church's offerings for young people with digital affinity.

Gemahlenen Kaffee.webp

Strategy & Purpose

Franke Coffee Systems

With the management, we developed the Purpose as the basis for the global branding in a collaborative process in cooperation with Prufrock. Building on this unique "why", we worked on the how and what: the strategy. The result was a brand playbook and a concrete strategy for its implementation.


Design Sprint

Die Mobiliar

Every child in Switzerland knows Mobiliar's advertising with its humorous damage sketches. We were now allowed to methodically accompany an idea from the company's IT department to create an interactive game for cell phones from this advertisement. In a design sprint, all the relevant people came together and laid all the foundations for the successful implementation in record time.


Design Sprint

My Survival Story & USZ

MySurvivalStory is a groundbreaking platform for cancer patient sharing and inspiration. Stories, experiences and helpful advice from patients for patients. We were allowed to accompany the development with design sprints and, as experts for participatory design, advise a research project at the Unispital Zurich on how patients can be actively involved in medical research at an early stage.


Neue Services

Heks Ostschweiz 

The needs and requirements of an NGO are changing. Together with the Heks team, we looked into the future and developed ideas for new relevant and customer-centric services. We then also supported the team in a structured and systematic way in the further development of two ideas into the prototyping and piloting phase.




We inspire people from a wide range of organizations and industries with our effective formats. We love the challenge and are proud of our inspired collaboration with great clients. Here is a small selection.

Let's get in contact

We are happy to meet new people. Whether you have a general question or a specific request: We would love to get to know you personally! Write us and we will find a common date.

Adresse: Zentralstrasse 120 8003 Zürich Schweiz

Telefonnumer: +41 76 422 28 82


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